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Why Specific Dow?

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why specify dow building solutions

STRENGTH AND DURABILITY Dow Styrofoam™ and PIR insulation is rigid, so it’s durable and maintains its integrity during low thermal conductivity - minimising the board thickness needed to achieve a specific U-value, thus allowing the designer greater flexibility. Plus it’s easy to cut and work with.

CLOSED CELL FOAM STRUCTURE The extruded foam has no holes or voids that water can penetrate. It resists moisture and will maintain its R-value over time. The result, high compressive strength and unparalleled resistance to water penetration. This is the only kind of foam that carries the Styrofoam™ brand name.

R-VALUE A measurement of resistance to heat flow or insulation properties. The greater the R-value, the greater the insulation, and a small increase makes a big difference. Bulk cavity insulation only insulates between the studs, leaving those studs un-insulated.

Dow Styrofoam™ and PIR insulation covers the entire wall, providing a continuous layer of thermal protection and increasing the overall R-value and energy moisture resistance. Some insulation products absorb and hold water which reduces insulation performance. Dow Styrofoam™ and PIR insulation resists water absorption, providing long-term insulating performance while reducing the potential for mould growth within the insulation.

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