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BCA Energy (Section J)

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BCA Energy (Section J)

Green Star, BCA - Energy (Section J)... Need help with Compliance?

Greenspec Solutions, a Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Member, is committed to promote the principles and disciplines of Green Star compliance. We are constantly evaluating sustainable and innovative solutions to be todays' market leaders, while addressing the emerging needs and demands of tomorrow. We offer specialist advice, focusing on the insulation and moisture management of the building fabric.

Specifying a Project?... Can't find the Data you need?

We offer Architects, Designers and Engineers comprehensive product brochures and technical data sheets, available in hard copy or electronic format, ensuring you are equipped with accurate design data for your project. Certified test results along with information related to applications, case studies, benefits and physical data help provide fast effective solutions for your thermal and acoustic problems.

Try our unique Technical Advisory Service

Greenspec Solutions supports all of its thermal products with a comprehensive Technical Advisory Service for Architects, Specifiers and Contractors. This includes a computer-aided service designed to give fast, accurate technical advice. Calculations can be carried out to provide R-Values, condensation / dew point risk analysis, required insulation thicknesses and more. Thereafter any number of permutations can be provided to help you achieve your desired targets and compliance objectives.

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