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Green Star Compliance: Floormate™ Avance

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Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance domestic floor bearing

Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance extruded polystyrene developed by Dow for use where attributes such as compressive strength, resistance to ground moisture and high thermal resistance are important considerations. Widely used in very low temperature climates as a thermally insulating backfill to protect civil engineering projects from freezing.

Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance extruded polystyrene has ample performance characteristics for use as the thermal insulation layer in all floor types from housing to industrial buildings and cold stores.

The high compressive strength, resistance to moisture and high thermal resistivity of Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance board make it particularly suitable for use in ground bearing floors and other floor constructions.

Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance extruded polystyrene is dimensionally stable, rot proof, will not attract vermin or insects and is resistant to most ground contaminants.

Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance boards are 2500mm x 600mm and available in a range of thicknesses as shown in the Technical Data table.

Dow Floormate™ 200 Avance boards comply with the requirements of the EU Regulation EC\3093\94 on substances which deplete the ozone layer.

Compressive Strength: 200 kPa
Density: 25 kg/m³
Thickness: 50, 60, 70
80, 90, 100 mm
Width: 600 mm
Length: 2500 mm
Water Absorption: 0.5 %
Thermal K Value: 0.035 W/mK
Fire Rating: AS1530

Green Star Compliant
Zero ODP
CO2 Blown
Low VOC’s
EU Reg EC\3093\94

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