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Green Star Compliance: Floormate™ Avance

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Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance high load floor bearing

Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance is the Styrofoam™ solution for insulating floors in high load commercial applications.

Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance insulation is available in a range of compressive strengths to match the loading requirements of individual projects.

Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance insulation can be installed under or over the slab in ground bearing concrete floors and is suitable for use on suspended beam and block or timber floors.

Insulating slabs protects the wearing surface (floor) from frost heave and cracking. To ensure effective operation of the system, particularly for under-slab floor designs, insulation is an important consideration. Properly insulating the slab makes it possible to provide maximum comfort at minimum cost.

Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance extruded polystyrene products with high compressive strength to satisfy a variety of loading situations, and superior moisture resistance to provide long term R-Value for slab applications.

Dow Floormate™ 500 Avance is tough and durable to withstand normal construction site handling and are easy to cut and install. There is a Styrofoam™ insulation product that is right for every slab application.

Compressive Strength: 500 kPa
Density: 40 kg/m³
Thickness: 40, 50, 80
120 mm
Width: 600 mm
Length: 1250 mm
Water Absorption: <0.5 %
Thermal K Value: 0.035 W/mK
Fire Rating: AS1530

Green Star Compliant
Zero ODP
CO2 Blown
Low VOC’s
EU Reg EC\3093\94

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