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Construction Membranes: ProctorWrap Black Label

ProctorWrap Black Label

Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL is a vapour permeable membrane consisting of a spun bonded polyolefin layer with a unique functional coating that offers improved resistance against UV and high temperatures up to 120ºC.

Developed primarily as a vapour permeable underlay for use under solar panels and behind open joint rain screen facades, Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL offers a combination of durability and high water holdout without compromising vapour permeability to help protect the building fabric and insulation from condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.


Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL is suitable for installation in vertical wall constructions behind ventilated facades with regularly spaced open joints no greater than 50mm wide accounting for under 30% of total surface area. The wall (facade) covering has to be ventilated according to the façade manufacturers installation instructions but a ventilation gap (min.40mm) is necessary.

Long term UV resistance is dependent upon the percentage of the cladding that is open, the size of openings, and the width of the cavity. If in doubt, please contact CSR Bradford Australia to seek assurances on the suitability of Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL for the particular application.

In combination with taping overlaps, Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL can help form an air tight wrap for the building reducing the loss of conditioned air from the building thus improving the energy efficiency of the building envelope. Adequate provision for the drainage, absorption or diffusion of moisture is required exterior to the membrane to ensure that moisture is not left trapped between the Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL and the external cladding. This is especially important for vapour tight or non-absorbent claddings such as steel. Note that Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ BL-IT is supplied with an integrated tape system, but it is recommended that the joint line is also externally taped with Black Label tape to prevent flapping and long term degradation.

Features and Benefits

  • High water resistance
  • Suitable for use behind in open joint cladding
  • High UV durability
  • Non-perforated
  • Highly vapour permeable
  • Air tight
  • Supplied with integrated tape


Width (mm) Length (m) m2 per pack Weight per roll Rolls per pallet Product Code
1500 50 75 23.5kg 30 114446


Enviroseal ProctorWrap BL (PDF)

EnviroSeal ProctorWrap Black Label MSDS (PDF)

ProctorWrap Black Label Integrated Tape Installation Guide (PDF)

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