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Acoustic Insulation: Barrier/Absorber Composites

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Barrier/Absorber Composites



Extensive ongoing research and development by Pyrotek has created a unique acoustic solution - Sorberbarrier Superliner. Sorberbarrier was developed with the aim of simplifying the acoustic treatment of enclosures, engine bays and plant rooms. Sorberbarrier achieves this with a unique multi-layer construction that combines materials with different acoustic properties, removing the need for the complex constructions of the past. Sorberbarrier allows for simple and effective combined treatment of airborne and transmitted noise.

Sorberbarrier is a composite construction.

At the heart of Sorberbarrier is its high mass, flexible noise barrier, based on Wavebar® technology which is formed between two layers of acoustic foam, consisting of a decoupling layer and sound absorption layer.

The absorption layer is faced with a wide range of surface finishes to suit specific application requirements. For example a perforated vinyl can be applied for a pleasing aesthetic appearance inside a cabinet or an aluminium foil facing can be used in engine bays. For specialist applications Sorberbarrier is also available with polyester fibre or fire retardant melamine foam.

Sorberbarrier is available in standard size sheets, with or without a self-adhesive backing, or as individual components cut to size and shape.

Areas of Use

• Engine compartments and firewalls of boats, trucks, buses and construction machinery
• Machinery and equipment enclosures
• Spa motor enclosures
• Containerised generator sets
• Pump motor enclosures

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Installation Guide

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