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Acoustic Insulation: Sound Absorbers

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Sound Absorbers



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Reapor® - The sound absorber for challenging environments. Reapor was developed to maximise noise energy absorption, and resolves issues of fire, weather aging and contamination damage. Simply maintained, constructed from recycled material, and VOC free, Reapor panels are easily fixed and worked.

Reapor uses recycled glass as its core component, and by nature is sensitive to the environment.During manufacturing, the glass is processed to form expanded granules. Each granule acts as an acoustic absorber in its own right.

Through a heating process the granules are fused together to form a homogenous panel which creates a highly efficient acoustic absorber. This process removes the need for binders leaving the product free from out-gassing, developing smoke in a fire and breakdown through binder failure, giving the product the highest non combustible fire rating.

Reapor has a wide range of applications where effective noise reduction is required in outdoor applications or indoor areas of high humidity or fire concerns. Its natural resistance to moisture ensures it will not significantly retain or absorb moisture, unlike traditional porous or open-cell materials.

Reapor panels are bonded using adhesive or mechanically fixed depending on the application and substrate. The panels can be machined and processed using standard wood working equipment and dust protection. Reapor panels can be easily painted with water based paint, rendered for a seamless finish or routed to provide varying texture and shadowing effects.

Areas of Use

• Resists weather, water and UV pollution over a extended period of time
• The NRC of a 50mm panel is .90 which is exceptional high for an outside absorber
• Non combustible
• Fibre free and requires no additional treatment to maintain performance
• Easily installed to a C channel making fixing quick and easy or adhesive fixed
• Resistant to chlorides and potassium therefore will survive without further protection in coastal areas
• Made from 100% recycled glass carrying a very high green rating
• Easy to cut shape to allow for penetrations


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Information Pages

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Installation Guide

Reapor Installation Guide - 207-1IG



Sorberfoam is the next generation of combustion modified, flexible acoustic foams, offering high noise absorption properties across a broad frequency range. It was developed to meet market requirements for reducing reverberation noise in the domestic, commercial, OEM and automotive markets.

In conjunction with leading laboratories and test facilities, Pyrotek has formulated and developed a polyurethane foam that outperforms traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure.

Sorberfoam has been proven to absorb substantially more energy across the entire frequency range than traditional polyurethane foams.

Traditional polyurethane foams often break down through hydrolysis (foam rot) under hot, humid and acidic conditions. Sorberfoam is engineered to resist degradation or foam rot.

Sorberfoam offers an alternative to mineral fibre products that tend to shed fibres during application. If not encapsulated, those fibrous products can be deemed a health hazard. The tendency for fibrous products to lose thickness over a period of time means their absorption properties will also be reduced.

Sorberfoam eliminates the hazards and offers an equal and safer alternative in noise absorption.

Sorberfoam Facing Options

• Plain
• Foil (ALR)
• Film (PU)
• Mylar (M)
• Perforated Vinyl (V)

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Installation Guide

Sorberfoam Installation Guide

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive - PSA-IG

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Sorberpoly acoustic insulation is a fine fibre polyester, non-woven with excellent sound absorbing and thermal insulation properties, useful in high humidity applications. It is also fuel, oil and grease resistant. Under normal applications, Sorberpoly will last a life-time.

Sorberpoly is lightweight, hydrophobic (non-wicking) and easily cut, using scissors or a sharp knife.

Areas of Use

• Fills voids behind panels, and in cavities, e.g. wall cavities, ceiling voids
• Fills voids that can conduct noise from adjacent rooms or from outside to inside marine
bulkheads and deckheads
• Noise control and thermal insulation for HVAC equipment
• Acoustic baffles
• Acoustic panels
• Office partitions
• Open area reverberation control, as a backing material

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Sorberscreen perforated metal screen with a flow resistant backing textile, offers high performance sound absorption. The product has a hard durable finish with an aesthetic appeal. It is the perfect finish for sound absorption in engine rooms, soundproof enclosures and architectural building wall and ceiling absorptive panel applications.

Sorberscreen is bonded with Sorbertextile ST, a black, glass based acoustic textile that reduces airborne sound. The Sorbertextile ST backing, due to its inherent airflow resistance, converts sound energy to heat energy thus reducing noise and reflected sound.

Sorberscreen is made from either marine grade aluminium sheet or galvanised steel. It can be easily powder coated or spray painted to any colour required before backing with Sorbertextile ST absorptive textile.

Areas of Use

• Acoustic wall and ceiling panels in all types of buildings
• Wall and ceiling insulation in marine engine rooms
• Lining of acoustic enclosures
• Acoustic baffles
• Interior decorative wall absorbers

Information Pages

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