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Acoustic Insulation: Vibration Damping

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Vibration Damping


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Soundpaint is a fast drying, water based, thixotropic vibration damping compound. The exceptional vibration damping properties are complimented by ease of use, environmental friendliness and low combustibility.

Soundpaint can be easily applied by trowel, brush, roller and spray gun applications. Once dry the cured film is UV resistant, water resistant and abrasion resistant.

When controlling noise caused by vibration, a vibration damping treatment is required. The product reduces the ringing or tinniness from metal panels and structures. This reduces noise by preventing it from being transmitted through the vibration of the panel.

Areas of Use

• Boat hulls, ceilings, decks and bulkheads
• Machinery and equipment enclosures
• Automotive
• Machinery guards
• Stainless steel fabrications eg sinks, bowls
• Whitegoods
• Hospital equipment
• Metal deck roof and wall cladding
• Truck and bus underbodies
• Heavy earthmoving equipment
• Metal floors

Information Pages

Soundpaint SP150 - 113IP - Metric

Soundpaint SP150 - US113IP - Imperial

Installation Guide

Soundpaint Installation - 103-1IG



Sylomer, the special PUR Elastomer material developed by Getzner is one of the leading products on the international market for vibration isolation and mitigation.

The elastic polyurethane material deforms under tension and compression loads, but always returns to its original form. In doing so, these reliable materials isolate and reduce vibrations which can have negative effects on humans, the environments and materials.

Sylomer is used in its cellular or compact form for many applications in civil engineering and machinery. In most of them, Sylomer is used as an elastic interlayer like a spring. The characteristics of this spring can be adapted to the need of application and of the construction, or the construction method by selecting the Sylomer type - including Sylodamp and Sylodyn, the thickness, and the loaded surface area.

Information Pages

Sylomer L Green - 114GIP

Sylomer P Red - 114RIP

Sylomer R Blue - 114BIG


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This wheelmark applies to
Vibradamp DC30 and
Vibradamp CLD

The Vibradamp product range offers complete solutions for all vibration damping applications.

As substrate types, temperature ranges and noise frequencies vary so widely, these products are custom made to suit the specific application, varying the product configuration to meet the specific damping demands.

Vibradamp products reduce the ringing or tinniness from metal panels and structures, which in turn reduces noise by preventing it from being transmitted through the vibration of the panel.

Vibradamp is available as a aluminium panel, a constrained hybrid polymer, or constrained multi-layer sheet construction.

Information Pages

Vibradamp CLD - 172IP

Vibradamp DC30 - 122IP

Vibradamp FDF - 142IP

Vibradamp Tile - 182IP


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