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Construction Membranes: Condensation Risks

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let your building breathe
design out condensation risk

Breathable membranes were introduced in the 1980’s in Europe to address exactly the same problems that are being discovered today in the temperate climate zones of Australia. Condensation risk analysis is an essential part of the design process and risk can be mitigated by the correct use and placement of insulation, vapour barriers and breathable membranes to suit the construction type and location.

There are products on the market today in Australia such as perforated foils that claim to be vapour permeable that anywhere else in the world would be considered vapour barriers. The climate may vary from location to location but the building physics are universal. Before specifying a vapour permeable building wrap, be sure to check the vapour resistance data and make sure you are confident that it really breathes.

Unlike foil products, the high water vapour permeability of the Proctor breathable membranes allows for the escape of vapour from within the building whilst restricting the ingress of moisture thus helping to protect the building fabric and insulation from condensation and related problems such as mould, timber rot, corrosion and loss of thermal resistance.

The Proctor range of breathable membranes afford effective protection, during construction and for the life of the building, against wind-driven rain, snow and dust. With a complete range of products for walls, roofs and various construction types, these highly durable, strong and lightweight textile membranes are silent when exposed to wind, are mould resistant and will last the lifetime of the building even in corrosive coastal environments.

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Greenspec Solutions offers a comprehensive Technical Advisory Service for Architects, Specifiers and Contractors. Using independent software built up from a long experience in the diagnosis and prevention of vapour control related problems, we can provide you with a total system solution, including a condensation risk and dew point analysis at the early design stage. Calculations can be quickly and accurately carried out to give R-values and the required insulation thickness.

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ABCB Handbook on Condensation in Buildings now available for Download

In partnership with Australian Institute of Architects and industry, the ABCB has produced a Non-Mandatory Handbook to provide greater clarification for managing condensation in buildings.
Click here for the Condensation in Buildings Publication
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