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Thermal Insulation: PIR Tuff-R™

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What is PIR?

Dow PIR polyisocyanurate insulation products consist of a patented, high-insulating value, closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam core sandwiched between a choice of durable, exterior facers. Dow PIR insulation features the highest insulation value of any foam sheathing currently available. Air cannot penetrate the facers, which also minimises water and water vapour intrusion into the foam insulation core, and allows the foam R-value to stabilise at a higher value.

Dow PIR insulation can be easily applied to a variety of substrates. With a range of specialised facers to suit your specific design requirements and Dow’s superior performance guarantee optimum energy efficiency and comfort all year round.

All Dow PIR insulation products are manufactured with hydrocarbon blowing agents which have no ozone depletion potential.

  • Contribute to Green Building Council of Australia, U.S. Green Building Council and Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design credits
  • Zero Ozone Depleting Potential
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Contains post-industrial recycled content (extruded polystyrene)
  • Not a known food source for mould or insects
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